The September 2010 issue of Suspense Magazine is out. This marks the second print edition of Suspense Magazine and the issue is dedicated to debut authors (meaning many milestones have been achieved, but there are more hills to climb to conquer in order to reach the ultimate goal of success).

The featured debut authors include:

  • Joan Francis Turner
  • Alan Orloff
  • Joshua Graham
  • Allison Leotta
  • Katia Lief

Readers will also find work by Donald Allen Kirch, Nancy Mason, Tiffany Colter, Scott Nicholson, Gillian Scott, Corinna Underwood and many others, covering writing, book reviews, movie reviews, interviews and more. Plus there’s an Author Hall of Fame piece celebrating Peter Benchley.

You can learn more and subscribe here: Suspense Magazine

One more note: Suspense Radio is now live, every Tuesday and Friday night at 6:00 pm Pacific time, with authors being interviewed and much more. You can find out more by visiting Suspense Radio for a full list of guests and the schedule.

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