Subterranean Press is reporting that George R. R. Martin’s Fevre Dream is finally at the printer after a number of delays. They expect the books to be in their hands in December, and slipcases in January. Fevre Dream is a bona fide vampire classic, the tale of Abner Marsh, steamboat captain, and the passenger he carries down the Mississippi. You can still pre-order a copy here: Fevre Dream

Publishers Weekly found much to like in After The War, the two novellas that make up Tim Lebbon’s new collection set in his imaginary world of Noreela: “Whereas the first of these tales is indisputably fantastic in terms of its imagery and set pieces, the second reads like a straight crime caper set in an exotic land. In each, Lebbon vividly describes the landscape and local color. Readers who have enjoyed other books in the Noreela series will find these tales a tide-me-over until the next full-length novel.”

Look for After The War to ship in February. You can still pre-order a copy here: After The War

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