Subterranean Press announced two new titles this week. The first is Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. Fifteen years since its initial release, Snow Crash remains one of the most popular and important novels in recent memory. You can learn more about this special limited edition and place a pre-order here: Snow Crash

The second title announced by Subterranean Press is Pilot Light by Tim Powers and James P. Blaylock. Those two madmen, Powers and Blaylock are back, with a recently unearthed and touched up short story thought lost to the ages. Pilot Light is vintage William Ashbless, complex to the point of incoherence, with a good eighteen footnotes added by the poet refuting and clarifying the changes made by Powers and Blaylock to his sacred words. Also included in this small form hardcover chapbook are an introduction by Powers and an afterword by Blaylock. You can learn more about this title and place a pre-order here: Pilot Light

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