Subterranean Press has announced the upcoming publication of Tim Lebbon’s After the War, two novellas set in Lebbon’s signature world of Noreela! Vale of Blood Roses: A mercenary should be allowed to quit. That’s what Jakk thinks. But his companions don’t want to quit. As the Cataclysmic War ends they enter a valley that should not exist, see machines that should be dead, and interrupt something that should be left alone. There’s regret, but some actions can’t be undone. There’s hope, but it’s so obviously false. And there’s revenge.

The Bajuman Korrin is a Bajuman, vilified for some vague wrongdoing in his people’s past. He’s also a hunter, making his living tracking down lost people, forgotten things. Charged with finding a missing fodder – member of an ancient race originally bred for food — he soon realizes a painful truth. In Noreela City, still recovering from the Great Plagues, everyone is lost.

Limited: 1000 signed numbered hardcover copies. Price: $35.00. To pre-order: After The War

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