Early next year, Subterranean Press will give birth to a new imprint, Far Territories, one that focuses on popularly priced trade paperbacks and hardcovers, with distribution in the chain and independent bookstores. First up, in the spring will be two of their quickest selling titles:

Rite by Tad Williams is the first-ever short story collection by this NY Times best-selling writer, showing off his considerable chops at less than novel length. In addition to the Arabian Nights inspired novella “Child of an Ancient City,” you’ll find a lengthy excursion into his popular Otherland universe in “The Happiest Dead Boy in the World,” and tales of all lengths and subject matters in between. The trade paperback of Rite will differ considerably from the hardcover of Rite, focusing on just the short stories, leaving the non-fiction and teleplays as a special bonus to those who ordered the signed edition. To preorder the trade paperback for $14.95 with free US shipping: Rite

New Amsterdam is Elizabeth Bear’s acclaimed alternate history novel, featuring a number of stand-alone tales that build an overall arc featuring Deputy Crown Inspector Abigail Irene Garrett and Sebastion de Ulloa, the latter also known as The Great Detective, a centuries old vampire who no longer remembers his birth, but interests himself in the darker side of human nature. To preorder the trade paperback for only $14.95 with free US shipping: New Amsterdam

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