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Set in the fictitious town of Shallow Creek, the owner of an occult shop called ‘Colt’s Curiosity Corner,’ has invited the writer to stay in Shallow Creek for a while and get inspired to write a short story, with the aim of helping increase the town’s fledgling tourism revenue. Shallow Creek once used to be a vibrant oddity, replete with its own strange paranormal activities. People used to come from all over the world to try and catch a glimpse of the legendary three-headed beast that stalks Silverpine Forest, or to experience true fear and shudder in terror at the tales of experimentation and torture within the walls at Arkady Asylum….Mallum Colt, proprietor of Colt’s Curiosity shop, will be the writer’s guide over the next several months as he attempts to put together a tome of nerve jangling stories to get the crowds back into Shallow Creek.

The aim is that we will accept stories from writers across the world – once they have logged onto the site and entered the competition, each writer will be given a CHARACTER, LOCATION in the town, and an ITEM that they need to include in their short story of up to 5,000 words (a map of the town and character dossier is also included with the reply) – they’ll have three months to write a spine chilling story set within Shallow Creek.

Our ultimate goal is to create an anthology of short stories that almost interlink with one another. So a character mentioned in one story as a main protagonist, could briefly pop up in another tale – it’s a bold undertaking but we feel that the book would have a great draw of the eerie, weird and strange with elements of horror and suspense – where all bets are off. Think Silent Hill, Innsmouth, Hobb’s End, and Castle Rock, all rolled into one creepy town.

We’re currently liaising with Naomi Booth (Sealed) to be our judge.

1st Prize: £500

2nd Prize: £250

3rd Prize: EXIT EARTH STORGY bundle

If you would like to check out more of this upcoming competition, or our website, please see below.

Website: STORGY.com

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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCihQAMQAFqekSDYI-6SrBAA?view_as=subscriber

If you’re interested with our goal, you can also check out our first two e-book anthologies at Amazon, as well as our dystopian anthology EXIT EARTH.

EXIT EARTH includes fiction of all fourteen finalists from the STORGY EXIT EARTH Short Story Competition, as judged by critically acclaimed author Diane Cook (Man vs. Nature). EXIT EARTH EXTRA contains additional stories by award winning authors M R Cary (The Girl With All The Gifts), Toby Litt (Corpsing), James Miller (Lost Boys), Courttia Newland (A Book of Blues), and David James Poissant (The Heaven of Animals), in addition to stories written by the STORGY team: Tomek Dzido, Ross Jeffery, Alice Kouzmenko, Tabitha Potts, and Anthony Self. With exclusive artwork by Amie Dearlove, HarlotVonCharlotte, CrapPanther, and cover design by Rob Pearce.

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