SST Publications is so thrilled to announce that the cover art and pre-order page for I TELL YOU IT’S LOVE by Joe R. Lansdale and Daniele Serra is now available here.

The book will be officially published on November 24th but you can pre-order a signed copy direct from SST now and we will ship it out as soon as we have them in stock.

All graphic novels bought direct from us are Exclusive Signature Sheet Editions and come with a FREE exclusive signature sheet signed by both the author and the artist.

The book is a full colour oversized hardcover (8 x 11 inches) and is gorgeous! It’s an incredible dark love story by the master of horror Joe R. Lansdale. The story has been adapted and illustrated by the amazingly talented and original illustrator and comic artist Daniele Serra.

Fans of both Joe R. Lansdale and Daniele Serra are not going to want to miss this.

Pre-order your copy today!

About Jess Landry

Jess Landry is an eccentric billionaire, the inventor of the hacky-sack and a compulsive liar. She spends her time mentally preparing for the zombie apocalypse and playing with her cats. You can find some of her work online at and EGM Shorts.

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