Spooky ShowcasePixie Dust Press has released the paperback of Alan Draven’s collection, Spooky Showcase. The digital edition is expected to be released soon.

Description: A collection of spooky tales featuring three short stories and two novellas—including a brand new novella and an unpublished short story:

• The Paradigm
• Beyond the Doomed Cave
• The Rattling Man
• A Madman’s Atonement
• Vengeance is Mine

The Paradigm — Upon investigating Detective Harry Graves’s disappearance, private eye Jim Coffin is led on a trail of strange characters including a mad scientist and a man and a woman who claim to be immortal. Along the way, Coffin begins having bizarre dreams about his own demise; could they be a foreboding of something sinister?

Beyond the Doomed Cave — Little Ann and Bram Marsh and their friend Matthew are pursued by a gang of teenagers. To escape them, they venture through a cave at the edge of the Radcliffe River in Bitternest and find themselves in what is rumoured to be a haunted churchyard.

The Rattling Man – It’s Halloween day and little Dylan is spooked by some of his schoolmates’ tales of the Rattling Man, a bogeyman who comes out every Halloween to steal children’s souls. Is he myth or reality? Little Dylan will soon find out…

A Madman’s Atonement — A serial killer terrorizes the city of Bitternest. One day, Jimmy Cohen saves a man from getting hit by a car. Pretty soon, he begins to believe that he might have saved the murderer who has slaughtered a dozen victims.

Vengeance is Mine — London 1888. Jack the Ripper leaves a trail of mutilated bodies as he terrorizes the district of Whitechapel and baffles the authorities. From beyond death, one of his victims returns to haunt him and shows him the meaning of living in fear.

About The Author: Alan Draven was born the same year Canadian slasher film “Black Christmas” hit theatres. He lives in Montreal, Canada. His stories have been published online, in magazines, and anthologies. His first novel, Bitternest, was published in 2007. In 2008, he edited the gothic anthology Sinister Landscapes which went on to become a number one Amazon bestseller. In 2009, the novella collection Creeping Shadows was published featuring his novella “Vengeance is Mine.” In 2010, his short story and novella collection The Bitternest Chronicles was published. His screenplay for his short story “Breaking and Entering” was adapted into a short film in 2010. Fractured Time, his second novel, was published in July 2011 by Black Bed Sheet Books.

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