July 11th saw the PS Publishing ebook release of Spook City, edited by Angus Mackenzie with stories by Peter Atkins, Clive Barker and Ramsey Campbell.

Description: If, as Carl Jung said, Liverpool is “the pool of life” then here are things from the darkest depths of that pool, brought to the surface to terrify and startle you…

Liverpool has long been known as a city of dreamers. But not all those dreams are as beautiful as a Beatles melody or as funny as a Paul O’Grady punchline. Here are the darker dreams of the Merseyside imagination, the macabre imaginings of Liverpool’s Princes of Nightmare. Along with an introduction by native son Doug Bradley – world-famous as Pinhead, the iconic demon of the Hellraiser movies – this book collects together the Liverpool-based fictions of Ramsey Campbell, Clive Barker, and Peter Atkins, three of horror literature’s most celebrated talents.

It’s grim up North? You don’t know the half of it.

Welcome to Liverpool after midnight.

Welcome to the dark side.

Welcome to Spook City…


Foreword by Angus Mackenzie
Introduction by Doug Bradley

Peter Atkins
– ‘Eternal Delight’
– ‘Here Comes a Candle’
– ‘Between the Cold Moon and the Earth’
– ‘The Mystery’
Clive Barker
– ‘The Forbidden’
– ‘Dread’
– ‘Coming to Grief
Ramsey Campbell
– ‘Coming to Liverpool’
– ‘The Man in the Underpass’
– ‘Mackintosh Willy’
– ‘Concussion’
– ‘Through the Walls’
– ‘Calling Card’

You can pick up a copy through Amazon here: Spook City

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