SOLOM-The-Scarecrow-400Solom: The Scarecrow

Author: Scott Nicholson

Haunted Computer Books

Kindle $.99

Reviewed by Mary Genevieve Fortier 

Love horror? Sure you do!

Looking for a read that grabs your attention within the first page and is relentless in its release? You dear readers, needn’t look further than Scott Nicholson!

Nicholson knows what scares you, digs deep into your psyche, delves into your most hidden fears and plays upon your most sensitive nerves like a fine instrument.  His pen leads you wickedly along, drawing you deeper where you cannot look away—not until the final nerve has been shattered and you are left breathless in its wake.  He has succeeded again in his latest to die for novel, “Solom: The Scarecrow.”

“Solom” has all the elements to scare the hell out of you: A secluded farmhouse draped in folklore and mystery where eerie voices echo in the halls. Phantom footsteps climb the old stairs. A zealot, pock-faced preacher, taunting you with his strange, unnerving verse.  Possessive apparitions plague this humble abode as well as ghostly scents, goats from hell, and oh yes, a scythe carrying scarecrow! Ever think a scarecrow would compel you to check over your shoulder as you read? This story will do that days after you’ve read the final chapter!

There are a few books out there based on the premise of a family deciding to uproot and move into a country setting to start a new life, only to find themselves in quite the nightmare instead.  This, dear readers, is not one of those, I assure you! None touch terror as this one! I myself lost count at the times I grasped the blanket and stifled a scream. The characters are so believable, you find yourself breathing, feeling each panic-ridden page with no desire to escape.

Just when you think it’s over, Nicholson is ready to set your nerves alight once more—for this, my fellow fanatics of fright is but the first in the “Solom” series. A new series to haunt you even when the lights are on. Believe this reviewer when I say, “You can’t go wrong with Scott Nicholson!”  He brings us to the brink of madness with good old fashioned Horror. This should be a definite add to your “must read” list.  Once you’ve read this delicious piece of well-constructed horror, you’ll be dying for another taste of one of the best. What are you waiting for? Right now it’s available on Amazon Kindle for $.99 !

Be prepared for a new series of books to keep you hungry for horror most decadent!

Look for the next book in this on the edge of your seat series: “Solom: The Narrow Gate”! Release date February 26, 2014.

I know I wait most anxiously!

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