ShudderDamnation Books has released both the paperback and digital editions of Harry F. Kane’s Shudder.

Description: Two men and a girl against the City-and the City fights dirty. For longer than detective Cohran has been alive, meticulously clean bodies of girls have been found on the edge of town. Four bodies every year. One body for each season. The police have dropped even the pretence of looking for whoever is responsible. Too many officers have tried and died. In a world where new crimes and new criminals appear daily, while the old ones go unpunished, where feverish fashion rules debased lifestyles, and an expired biosphere is kept going by artificial means, is friendship enough to save you?

Excerpt: “By three in the morning Natalie managed to go to sleep. She dreamt of swimming in a lake and of things with tentacles that lived in the deep grabbing at her legs and pulling her down.

She tried to get away, but at the same time did not want to get away, and once under the surface of the oily liquid, the more she didn’t breathe, the less she struggled to free herself.

Suddenly she was awake, feeling a presence in her room.

Two figures were standing by the window. She did not dare turn her head to see if they were really there, but she knew for certain that they were. She felt them looking at her, edging closer ever so slowly.

Then she heard a sound from the corridor between the living room and the kitchen.


Someone was walking. But that ‘tap-tap’ was not made by feet. It sounded like hooves.

A thing with hooves was walking about in her home.

Natalie heard it quite distinctly, as distinctly as she felt the presence in her room.

She lay there, daring not breathe audibly, her muscles tightened, her nerves on edge, trying to look only at the wall next to her face, to avoid accidentally glimpsing something which would bring the whole world down.”

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