Jeremy Shipp has a new short story collection out. Sheep and Wolves is published by Raw Dog Screaming Press and currently available through

The collection features 17 tales, including one novella and eight previously unpublished stories. Two of the reprinted stories, “Watching” and “Those Below,” received honorable mentions in the Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror. The themes of alienation and cultural homogenization on a global scale are explored in closer detail. Shipp notes, “This intimacy makes Sheep and Wolves much darker than its predecessor. Because now, the darkness is invading your homes, your dreams, your lives.”

Two excerpts are available to read online – the short stories Scratch and Camp.

Shipp, whose novel Vacation established him as one of the foremost authors in the “bizarro fiction” movement, is selling signed copies of Sheep and Wolves at his website: Jeremy Shipp. site ( I’m not sure if that would be appropriate to post or not.

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