Shaken, vy Lisa Mason, is on Kindle for only $3.99.

Description: Emma “J” for Joy Pearce is at her editorial offices on the twenty-second floor of Three Embarcadero in downtown San Francisco when the long-dreaded next Great Earthquake devastates the Bay area. Amid horrific destruction, she rescues a man trapped in the rubble. In the heat of survival, she swiftly bonds with him, causing her to question her possible marriage to her long-time boyfriend.

But Jason Gibb is not the charming photojournalist he pretends to be. As Emma discovers his true identity, his mission in the city, and the dark secrets behind the catastrophe, she finds the choices she makes may mean the difference between her own life or death.

From the acclaimed author of Summer Of Love and The Gilded Age comes this science fiction thriller, Shaken, an ebook adaptation of “Deus Ex Machina,” first published in Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, republished in the anthology Transcendental Tales From Asimov’s (Donning), and translated and republished in Europe and South America.

You can pick up your Kindle copy here: Shaken

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