SGL Entertainment is pleased to announce that they have just pre-released PURGATORY a psychological thriller exclusively on Amazon Streaming Movies. The film was produced by Johan Vandewoestijne who also produced Rabid Grannies and Laundry Man. PURGATORY had previously been released in several foreign countries but never in the USA. So now for the first time ever the movie can be seen only on Amazon to Rent or Buy. Later in 2019 PURGATORY will be released on Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD in the USA and Canada.

The movie was directed by Reginald Van Severen; written and produced by Johan Vandewoestijne; and stars Jorka Decroubelex, Rudy Dermaux, Marc Lensly, Hugo Vanden Bremt, Ruth Verhelst, and Richard Smolenaers

SYNOPSIS: After being locked up in an institution for several years for a personality disorder and murder, Kristen Birger is released on parole. By means of therapy, the medical staff of St. Carrol’s Psychiatric Institution instructs her to return to her former apartment where she committed the crime seven years earlier. The moment she arrives at her flat, past and present seem to take her on a roller coaster ride of fear. On top of that, a mysterious man and religious fanatic, living in the room next to hers, has a hidden agenda. And, that’s when all HELL breaks loose.

Rent or Buy the Movie on Amazon:

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