Serial Killers Iterum

James Ward Kirk, Editor

James Ward Kirk Publishing

ISBN:  978-0615774770

February 2013, Paperback $9.99  eBook $2.99 

Review by Kat Yares

As the blurb from RJ Parker states, people just can’t get enough of serial killers.  While I cannot explain my fascination, I have to admit, I can’t either.  I study them, have almost every true crime and reference book written about them and seek out fictional stories written about the worst evil dregs of our society.  Reading Serial Killers Iterum was not a disappointment.

There’s lots here – from poetry to flash fiction to full length fictional short stories, and each one is an interesting and mind boggling read in their own way.  I say mind boggling because so many authors have managed to dig deep and get into the minds of those that kill.

The Poetry Section:  Okay, I admit, generally I don’t get poetry.  Haven’t read or wrote it since I was a teen in angst.  But, I did manage to read all of these – some I got, some went flying over my head.  For those that love the flow of words in a poem, you won’t be disappointed.

Flash Fiction:  All of these short little stories are solid, although several will leave you wanting much more.  My two personal favorites are “Clean” by Randy Rohn and “Grey” by Stephen Alexander.  But, the Flash piece that blew me away was “Business is Murder” by Brian Barnett.  That one will cause you to look at tourist towns a tad bit differently in the future.

The Short Stories:  Like the flash pieces, each and every one of the stories are good.  Some a bit over the top for my tastes, but still excellent reads.  If I were to pick my favorites of this group, they would have to include “The Methodical Man” by Chantal Noordeloos, “The Crooked Closet:  Birth of a Serial Killer” by A. B. Stephens, and “The Mother of All Monsters” by Paula D. Ashe.  Runner up prizes would go to “The Mirror” by James Ward Kirk and “Return of the Creep” by William Cook.

Honestly though, if you love serial killer fiction, none of these stories or poems will disappoint.  Several of the authors have more than one story here, which is nice because you can see how well they handle the different forms (very well, I’d say).

James Ward Kirk did a wonderful job editing the stories between the William Cook covers.  Each story works well to fulfill the obsession that I, and many others, have with the serial killer.  From wanting to know to how, where and why these people are evil, you will definitely get a few clues.  The writers did their research, and as far as can be done by those on the outside looking into the malevolent beings, they do their best to give the answers.

Serial Killers Iterum is simply a well-rounded collection that explores the dark creature that fascinates so many of us.  And by the way, Iterum, literally means a second time.  I had to look it up.   This is the second volume in a series to be offered by James Ward Kirk Publishing.

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