Fun Size Horror productions
Written by Danielle Bauman
Directed by Chelsea Stardust
Reviewed by Rick Hipson

This all-women horror-comedy (Hor-Com? That seems wrong) combines campy wit with top-notch performances. It’s a blood-soaked romp following the misadventures of an unsuspecting bride-to-be and her two bridesmaids who gather at a specialty cake tasting appointment. Hazel (Vanessa Elese Garcia), an uninhibited kinkster not ashamed to flaunt her style (or the abrasions from some recent S&M play). Claire (Mackenzie Firgens) is a serious business-up-front kind of woman who seems tag along only out of loyalty to her childhood friend. Our bride-to-be, Tabs (Megan Duffy), plays the part of a shy prude whose idea of living dangerously is halting her sugar-free diet long enough to indulge in some cake.

It seems Tabs’s pals are there more for the free cake than to support their friend’s poor life choice to marry a controlling fiancé. For them, the event is an inconvenience to be endured at best. Luckily for them – or not – cake shop owner Lindsay (Whitton Frank) has some unique ingredients up her sleeve which Tabs can’t get enough of as her true nature unravels with each handful of cake she shoves in her mouth until the event erupts into one heaping food fight from hell.

A generous helping of dark humour washes it down easy and it’s tough to suppress a few giggles at the brilliant, over-the-top execution of it all. Hell, just the statement “I’ll give you a lower neckline, you anal-retentive bitch!” alone begs to be on a t-shirt.

It’s no secret plenty of outstanding films are being created by women despite a promotional inequity compared to their male counterparts. That said, if the women of SEEING GREEN have anything to do with it, you can bet your twisted pastry these women are just getting started setting fire to the norm.

You can watch SEEING GREEN right now by clicking below.


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