samhain logoCongratulations to the authors selected for upcoming Gothic horror anthology:


International publisher Samhain Publishing® recently announced that executive editor for Samhain Horror Don D’Auria has selected authors for the first-ever Samhain Horror anthology. The Gothic horror anthology, titled WHAT WAITS IN THE SHADOWS, will be published in two parts. First, the four individual novellas will be published as ebooks in May, 2014. Then, all four novellas will be combined for print, and will be published in trade paperback in October, 2014.

Out of nearly one hundred submitted works, the four selected manuscripts are:

Blood Red Roses, by Russell James
Linden Manor, by Catherine Cavendish
Bootleg Cove, by Devin Govaere
Castle by the Sea, by J.G. Faherty

According to D’Auria, the selection for the debut horror anthology at Samhain proved to be a challenge. “We were very pleased to receive such an outstanding group of submissions for our first call at Samhain Publishing, and I believe the results will speak for themselves,” explains D’Auria. “The four manuscripts selected represent an extraordinary group of Gothic horror works.”

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