As you may have heard StrangeHouse Books was acquired by Rooster Republic Press today. First of all we are honored to be acquiring StrangeHouse and plan to continue its tradition of publishing Cult Horror Fiction. We are fans of the press and will continue to walk on the path it paved.

In fact, you probably won’t notice much of a difference with StrangeHouse going forward. We have no plans to change the back titles, and going forward we plan to put out a very similar product. StrangeHouse will become more focused on horror and Rooster Republic will become more focused on bizarro without horror themes.

Books in process with StrangeHouse will be reviewed and the authors contacted when a decision is made about future publication. Please be patient while we make this transition. Any questions can be directed to [email protected]

Rooster Republic Press

The current state of publishing doesn’t take kindly to rebels. So we founded our own Republic.

Big publishers inevitably force their authors into a state of dependence. So we declared our independence.

And just to make sure we got our point across, we made our mascot a cock. So they can suck it.

Welcome to the Rooster Republic: Sovereign State of Fiction.

StrangeHouse Books

Our goal as a publishing house in the 21st century is to publish shit so deliriously fucked up, outrageous, and blindingly neurotic, that even a behemoth as large as the Hollywood machine couldn’t replicate our books. They can create enormous spectacle and spend hundreds of millions of dollars on special effects, so we as writers must work harder to create characters and worlds that force our readers’ imaginations to explode into overdrive, or be left as an obscure anachronistic afterthought in the footnotes of entertainment history.

To that end, Kevin Strange created his own cult imprint with which to showcase the most bizarre, horrific, weird, and downright Strange fiction the genre has to offer; to knock literary fiction off its snooty pedestal and give it the drunken snogging it’s been asking for all these years. Great writing, insane plots, hot sex, and gratuitous violence make up the foundation for what is sure to be one of the most important publishing houses in cult horror history. StrangeHouse Books.

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