Necro Publications and Bedlam Press have announced the upcoming publication of Road From Hell by Gerard Houarner. The book is due for release in November in both trade paperback and hardcover.

Description: Max the Assassin is in Hell. Tormented by vengeful spirits and his secret self, the demonic Beast, Max suffers for the pain he caused when he lived, and for losing his chance at redemption through love. Angel, Max’s son, is devastated by his father’s death and wanders the desert between the worlds in which he saw his father die, searching for a way home. Then he encounters the Caravan of the Dead, who promise him salvation, and Apocalypse. Both their fates depend on Eartha, a young woman from Brooklyn, her circle of outsider friends, the soul of her dead father, a sex club called Painfreak, the Palace of the Djinn, and the ancient spirit of an Egyptian sacrificial cat. Can Hell be broken? Can the dead return to life? Can love conquer pain, vengeance, and death? The answers are on The Road From Hell …

You can pre-order here: Road From Hell

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