PS Publishing is in the final stages of designing their edition of Ray Bradbury’s The Day It Rained Forever. They had a little hold-up because they were trying to secure something extra-special for the deluxe edition … and they’ve done it. The top set of 100 copies will include a special PS edition of the author’s A Medicine For Melancholy. Medicine and Rained were essentially the same book re-titled for the split between UK and US audiences … but with four stories different in each title (ie. there are four in Rained that are not in Medicine and vice versa). So, in addition to the two editions they’d already advertised – an unsigned unjacketed hardcover (£20 / $40) and a 200-copy jacketed and slipcased hardcover signed by Ray (£50 / $100) – there’ll be a 100-copy special two-book set signed by Ray and Caitlin Kiernan, who wrote the intro — the price will be £250 / $500.

Find out more: PS Publishing

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