Inside Movies at Moviefone is running an interesting piece by Gary Susman titled: “Psycho at 50: What We’ve Learned from Alfred Hitchcock’s Horror Classic.”

He introduces the article with: “Gus Van Sant’s 1998 remake of Psycho was an interesting experiment that failed, despite being a reverent, shot-for-shot remake. The reason was simple: It’s impossible for us to be that shocked, surprised and horrified a second time. Not just because we know what’s coming, but because we can’t forget what we know and imagine what moviegoing was like before Psycho changed the rules. We live in the world Psycho made, and we can’t go back.”

Susman goes on to address the misdirection, rule-breaking, psychology, sex and violence of this classic Hitchcock film.

You can catch the entire piece here: Psycho

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