Pretty Scary, For Women of Horror By Women of Horror, is currently running an interview with Ellen Datlow.

“I love editing short genre fiction, says Datlow. “I love reading it and I love working with its creators. I would still be editing magazines if there were jobs available. I began edited anthologies while working at OMNI Magazine because I wanted to edit more. Before OMNI moved onto the Internet, I was only able to publish two or if I was lucky, three stories a month. Anthologies provided the opportunity to edit, buy, and publish more stories. Everything I publish is an expression of my taste in sf/f/h.”

Datlow also discusses her collaborative process with Terri Windling, choosing stories for the best of the year, the intent behind Darkness: Two Decades of Modern Horror, a bit about Lovecraft Unbound, and much more.

Catch it all on Pretty Scary: Ellen Datlow Interview

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