Borderlands Press has announced the upcoming publication of Pirate Radio, a previously unpublished thriller co-written by Rex Miller and John Maclay. Description: Art Ryan is a syndicated radio talk show host, who’s been permanently blinded by an accident. He’s a Vietnam and CIA veteran, trained in martial arts. The novel begins with a radio pirate, who simply calls himself “Bud,” interrupting Art Ryan’s show. Bud does this by breaking into regular broadcasts on the same frequency. And he does it over and over during Art’s airtime. Bud’s main message is warning of a high-level plot to take over the U.S. Government. At first, Art is infuriated by the rude, arrogant interruption of his show—but then he begins to think the pirate is … right. Is the evidence of a looming national crisis falling into Art Ryan’s hands? And if so, what can he do about it.

Rex Miller, who died in 2004 and was once a radio talk show host himself, was an internationally-published novelist whose books sold more than a million copies. His most famous creation is the character “Chaingang” Bunkowski, the scary protagonist of the bestseller, Slob.

John Maclay is the published author of more than a hundred horror and fantasy stories. His Little Red Book of Vampire Stories was an instant classic from Borderlands Press.

The book is not yet available through the Borderlands Press website, but you can reserve your copy by calling 1.800.528.3310 or by e-mailing: Borderlands Press

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