Cemetery Dance Publications has announced the upcoming publication of Picking the Bones, a new collection by Brian Hodge. This book is already at the printer, but there’s still time to qualify for free US shipping by pre-ordering today.

Description: Dying is easy. Living is hard.

Step back, back into the world of 1996…

“Dark fiction so numbing cold and cutting edge you better hold onto your ass with your free hand … There are no simple ‘entertainments’ or cheap grabs for the throat to be found here. Hodge is deadly serious about presenting a world where the worst punishment is the mere fact that you are aware you will probably live to see another day.”

So wrote critic Stanley Wiater about Brian Hodge’s renowned first short fiction collection, The Convulsion Factory. Three collections later, nothing has changed.

And the time has now come to advance to the fourth circle of Hell, whose 17 stations include:

  • The award-winning “With Acknowledgments to Sun Tzu,” in which a hardened photojournalist glimpses the face behind the atrocities of war…
  • “The Passion of the Beast,” a report on the arcane origins and tragic premier of the flipside version of Mel Gibson’s most famous movie…
  • “The Firebrand Symphony,” which seeds Lovecraftian terrors in the unlikely realms of vintage psychedelia and cinematic sound design…
  • “Brushed In Blackest Silence,” the chapter in the life of Dracula’s Van Helsing that reunited Hodge with Dell/Abyss mastermind Jeanne Cavelos…
  • “Hate the Sinner, Love the Sin,” which finds one of the Middle Ages’ seven towers of darkest iniquity thriving in modern-day Los Angeles…

Dying is easy. Living is hard. And forces beyond your control have a bone to pick with you.

Table of Contents:

  • With Acknowledgments To Sun Tzu
  • If I Should Wake Before I Die
  • The Passion of the Beast
  • De Fortuna
  • The Firebrand Symphony
  • Brushed In Blackest Silence
  • Pull
  • An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Flesh
  • And They Will Come In The Hour of Our Greatest Need
  • Re: Your Application of 5/5
  • Where the Black Stars Fall
  • When the Silence Gets Too Loud
  • Guardian
  • Hate the Sinner, Love the Sin
  • A Good Dead Man Is Hard To Find
  • Our Turn Too Will One Day Come
  • When the Bough Doesn’t Break

To learn more visit: Picking The Bones

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