Phase 5 Publishing, a small publishing company focused on the use of current technologies and fan demand to determine the means and method of distributing its publications, has put out a call for submissions. The publishing company, which will focus on e-publishing, will begin publication later this year. Serials are published on various schedules, depending on the purpose and the demand for each: Monthy Review is published monthly; Year End Review is published annually; Presents and Transmissions are published as works are finalized; Special and Customs are published as anthologies/collections are finalized or ordered.


Phase 5 accepts art, fiction, music and video of the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres. Role-playing submissions will also be considered if the content or concept is not otherwise licensed.

  • Fiction of all lengths
  • Visual art of all static types (computer generated, hand drawn, inked, colored, painted, 3D, serials, illustration and comics)
  • Dynamic visual arts (animation, movies)
  • Music

Phase 5 does not accept:

  • Computer/video games
  • Pornography
  • Torture porn
  • Work licensed elsewhere or created under contract
  • Work that infringes upon the property rights of another
  • Fan-fiction, fan-art, fan-films or filking

To submit please send a completed submission form with your work to

What To Expect

All submissions are reviewed. If a submission is selected, a licensing agreement is entered between Phase 5 and the creator. Then works are edited and revised as necessary to come to a final, professional, publishable product. The work is published in one or more of Phase 5’s publications, on the website, through third-party distributors, and is available for sale. Creators will receive royalty payments in accordance with their licensing agreement, but is generally 25-50% of the net profit per sale for all sales of their work individually or in collections and anthologies. Creators will also receive income from patronage garnered through Phase 5’s website and other methods of soliciation of the same.

You can access the submission form here: Phase 5 Submission

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