bedlamwordpressbannerMontreal studio Exequor has just obtained a license to develop a board game based on the Bedlam Stories horror franchise.

“We’re very excited to be involved with this vibrant transmedia franchise.  We’ve brought you a horror-based board game before, but this one will take players to new heights of horror,” said Exequor Studio president Christian Boutin.

The board game, based on the novel by Christine Converse, will plunge the players into the horrific life of the Bedlam Asylum inmates.  Moving them around and trying to save them from the abominations of Oz and Wonderland… or trying to get them killed!

The story centers on Dorothy Gale and Alice Liddell, beloved childhood characters, and their fantasy worlds, Oz and Wonderland, respectively. As they undergo a series of human experiments in Bedlam Asylum, their fantasy worlds become distorted and terrifyingly real. You will get to see first hand what happens when these two worlds collide in this exciting new board game.

“Those familiar with Slash! will recognize some of the core mechanics, but Bedlam Storieswill feature much deeper gameplay, a streamlined setup and all those horrifying situations inspired by the novel,” added Mr. Boutin.

Expect Bedlam Stories: The Board Game to enter our world in the spring.

This grassroots franchise is unlike any other. Award winning horror director Pearry Teo (Necromentia, Dead Inside, Dracula) has brought these two worlds to life and captured an audience of loyal Bedlam fans. Christine Converse is an accomplished writer who has written video game strategy guides as well as magazine columns. She breathes life into each character through the novel.

Exequor Studios Inc. creates video games and board games and is the first studio in the world to have created board games with accompanying mobile applications.   It has published several titles including Heroes of ZululaCon Sonar! and the award-winning Slash!

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