Alan Clark has painted the cover for Ken Rand’s upcoming novel, Pax Dakota (Five Star, May, 2008). Description: The Six Tribes beat the US Army and won their own nation — the Dakota — in the northern great plains of America’s Old West. The Pax Dakota has maintained peace between the USA and Dakota for 24 years, but as the 20th century dawns, that peace is about to shatter. Ancient spirit Old Enemy has escaped his medicine bundle prison. His relentless quest to return to the spirit world that cast him out in the Long Ago Time is renewed. Only Watcher, the spirit the First People created as Old Enemy’s jailer, can stop him. But Watcher can’t remember how to do it. Meanwhile, on the border between their nations, young runaway prostitute Etta Mae Dooley meets Joseph Thorn, a Dakota boy wracked with doubt and spiritual emptiness. As spirits watch and scheme, with the extinction of mankind at stake, the pair find themselves pawns in a deadly game they cannot win.

You can view Alan Clark’s cover art here: Pax Dakota

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