Crypt TV, the digital genre network that aims to be ‘Marvel for Monsters,’ is renewing its hit monster series The Look-See for a four-episode 2nd season with weekly episodes returning starting July 24th. To coincide with Season 2 of The Look-See, Crypt has also surpassed 1 million subscribers on its YouTube page within 10 months.

Crypt TV is renewing its hit monster series THE LOOK-SEE for a four-episode 2nd season with weekly episodes returning starting July 24th. 26-year-old Landon Stahmer, who directed all five episodes of Season 1, is returning to helm all four episodes of Season 2.

The 1st season of The Look-See recorded over 30,000,000 views combined among Facebook, YouTube, and Crypt’s website, and the nearly 20-minute long, chronological supercut of Season 1 on Crypt’s YouTube has over 2.3 million views. Season 2 will be dialogue-free like the first Look-See season, which spawned several fan reaction videos and long YouTube mythology deep dive videos that combined to have millions of views themselves.

One of those YouTubers, James Janisse, aka DeadMeat, will be joining the cast of Season 2. Season 2 will be a period piece that peels back the mythology of The Look-See.

Crypt will continue to produce and release ancillary content for Season 2 of The Look-See like their show Mayhem, Murder & Monsters, a Look-See AR filter & Look-See txt message stories that contain Easter eggs and clues about the characters origins. Crypt released all Season 1 content on its The Look-See Facebook Show Page which has over 250,000 followers. All Season 2 content will be released simultaneously on Crypt TV’s website, YouTube & Facebook Show Page.

Recently Crypt TV’s YouTube recently passed 1 million subscribers and 100,000,000 video views, only 10 months after it began posting to the platform in August 2017. Crypt launched primarily via Facebook but has recently seen a tremendous growth on YouTube, especially for viewership of The Look-See.

In March Crypt announced its second raise, a Series A for the amount of $6.2M. The funding puts Crypt TV over $10M in investment funding since opening their doors in April 2015. The Series A funding comprised of previous investors Blumhouse Productions, Lerer Hippeau, NBCUniversal & Advancit Capital.”

About Crypt TV:

Crypt TV is the digital genre network focusing on creating the next ‘Marvel for Monsters.’ Crypt’s monster universe includes Webby award winning short The Birch, Sunny Family Cult whose merchandise can be found at Spencer’s retail stores nationwide, and Giggles the Clown, who has her own channels with over 375,000 fans and whose Augmented Reality Filter was used by 1million+ fans and featured on The Today Show. Launched in 2015, Crypt TV was co-founded by CEO Jack Davis and filmmaker Eli Roth with Blumhouse Productions as an investor and key strategic partner. Crypt has over 7.5 million direct social followers. Crypt makes engaging original scary video content directly for the top Hollywood studios, including for Universal, Fox, Warner Brothers, and long-form productions with Verizon Media’s go90 and more.

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