Black Bed Sheet Books in conjunction with author Bart Brevik have released Brevik’s new horror suspense novel, Outer Darkness, an award-winning supernatural suspense thriller that takes place in the Westlake Village area of Southern California in the weeks leading up to Halloween. The events that take place in this quiet, upscale suburban town would shock it’s residents to the core, if they knew the unseemly details of what was going on just behind their backs.

It is a chilling tale of unseen supernatural warfare, compounded by the very real and undeserved physical threat inflicted upon an everyday family by a vicious satanic crime cult. Jim DiMario and his family accidentally step hip-deep into trouble by running afoul of the Temple of Anubis – will they be able to get out alive?

Description: He’s got a secret that others are dying to keep – sometimes violently.

To the outside world, he seems like a fine, godly associate pastor serving at a well-established suburban church. But unknown to the senior pastor and the community, the god he really serves is the lord of evil – Satan.

A man wearing the perfect disguise, Pete LeTourneu is in a position to cause unimaginable damage to people’s lives, and he’s more than willing to do it to meet his own ambitious goals. Will it be too late to stop him once the townspeople become aware of his diabolical plot?

When LeTourneu sets out to destroy the lives of an innocent family for his own perverse reasons, Jim DiMario finds that he is two steps behind the wicked plan of this deceiver. With his teenage daughter kidnapped by unknown abductors, Jim faces an all-or-nothing gamble to save her life – and nothing is off-limits.

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