Dark Regions Press has announced the third entry in their ongoing Ghost House series, Our Lady Of Shadows by Tony Richards. The book includes eight beautiful interior illustrations by artist Erin Wells. The book is currently available in our leather-bound Deluxe Thirteen Hardcover edition with slipcase (signed by both author and artist and limited to 13 copies) and a 100 Signed and Numbered Limited Hardcover edition.

Description: In any other city in the world, the discovery of Mary-Jane Palmer’s body floating in the river would have been sad, and disquieting, that was all. A four-line filler on the inside pages of the daily newspapers. A minor tragedy passed over like a dead bird in the road. But this was Paris, the river was the Seine, and because of that the proceedings were tinted with a vague gothic suggestion of romance. A small crowd gathered – middle-aged businessmen in their sleek, well-filled suits; art students and booksellers; a few tourists; a few old women with faces wrinkled like contour maps. The gendarmerie arrived and kept their siren going long after it was necessary, as though to add to the occasion. They walked around the body and gazed at it through squinted eyes.
L’amour, they muttered.
Until they turned her over.
And saw her face…

What is a ghost? Merely a disembodied spirit? You’ll find plenty of those here, but there are other kinds as well. An entity created by a child’s imagination. A mysterious pale figure on a bleak, deserted moor. A madman who is not dead yet but…

Tony Richards has been hailed as “one of today’s masters of dark fiction,” and has been penning supernatural tales for more than thirty years. Come with him as he voyages the world in search of the dark arcane. The jungled slopes of Penang, and Malaysia. The night-bound alleyways of Tokyo and New York. Everywhere that holds a shadow also holds a deadly secret and this book reveals them all, in a collection that includes the critically acclaimed novella Postcards from Terri and four brand-new stories, never seen in print before.

Table of Contents

  • “After Dark”
  • “Our Lady of the Shadows”
  • “Lightning Dogs”
  • “The Tappleworth Angel”
  • “The Brother”
  • “Hanako From Miyazaki”
  • “The Winter People”
  • “Streets of the City”
  • “Real Life”
  • “After the Storm”
  • “Postcards from Terri”

Here’s the book trailer:


Deluxe Thirteen Hardcover: Numbered 1-13, 6”x9”, bound in leather, front cover stamped and spine stamped with the title and the author’s name, includes artsy end papers, signature page which is signed by both author and artist, colored book ribbon with nice full colored header, 60lb. natural vellum stock, a beautiful slipcase and dust jacket.

100 Signed and Limited Hardcovers: Numbered 1-100, 6”x9”, bound in leatherette, stamped on the spine with the title and author’s name, includes 80lb. natural vellum end papers, signed by the author, colored book ribbon, multi-colored header, 60lb. natural vellum stock, and has a beautiful dust jacket.

Ghost House Pack: All three entries in our ongoing Ghost House imprint in our 100 Signed and Numbered Limited Hardcover edition for a total of $45 in savings! These titles include: They That Dwell in Dark Places by Daniel McGachey, Quill and Candle by Scott Thomas and Our Lady of the Shadows by Tony Richards.

For more information: Our Lady of The Shadows

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