Author Michael McBride (Species, Zero) will be in the Delirium Books Chat Auditorium to discuss his upcoming Delirium novels, God’s End and The Infected on Wednesday, January 31st from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM EST. McBride lives in Westminster, Colorado in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, where he has spent his entire life. You can register for the chat here: Michael McBride

Delirium’s defunct experimental online series, Project Corrosion is officially no longer defunct. Shane Ryan Staley is taking this weird and irreverant side-show behind the scenes at the Delirium Insider. New posts will begin to appear on an irregular basis. But in order to view these posts, readers will have to donate money to the blog. Project Corrosion will be part of the growing bonus content included behind the scenes. Sign up here: Delirium Insider

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