Miss the first episode of FX’s American Horror Story? You can catch a review here: American Horror Story. Or you can watch the pilot episode online here: American Horror Story. Or read an interview with the creators: Don’t Stop Screaming

Lionsgate is pushing ahead with its I, Frankenstein comic book adaptation, which will star Aaron Eckhart and be written/directed by Stuart Beattie (30 Days of Night).

Screen Rant sits down with iconic author Richard Matheson to talk about Real Steel, the rules of science-fiction and the evolution of what is now a 55 year-old robot boxing tale.

Bruce Hennigan’s Christian horror novel, The 13th Demon, is out, and now you catch a look behind the scenes with this Greg Mitchell interview with Hennigan.

PS Gifford will be joining Gabrielle Faust to sign his latest novel at the December 11th Dark Delicacies (1 to 5pm) signing in Burbank. Vanessa Fewings may also be joining them to celebrate her third vampire novel.

The third-annual Long Beach Comic Con launches its two-day exhibition of comic book publishers, modern comic book retailers, video game companies, artists, and much more, at the Long Beach Convention Center from Oct. 29-30. Horror fans will be happy to hear that actor Lance Henriksen will be appearing at this year’s convention. Henriksen has appeared in such classic films as The Terminator and Aliens, and will be signing his new book Not Bad for a Human – The Life and Films of Lance Henriksen at the show.

A devotee of the fantasy and horror genres, Joshua Calkins-Treworgy is constantly spinning stories involving alternate universes and mythical creatures. His most recent published work is the short story, “Mr. Big Ugly,” the fourth installment of his horror series, Roads Through Amelia.

When Xavier Garza was growing up in the small border town of Rio Grande City, 41 miles west of McAllen, his grandmother would terrify him with the tale of La Lechuza. The seven-foot tall white owl with glowing eyes would carry him away at night if he were naughty, she would warn as she heated tortillas on the comal for dinner. “Pórtate bien o viene el cucuy.” (If you don’t behave, the boogie men will get you.) The storyteller, artist and author has since written and illustrated two collections of scary stories, Creepy Creatures and Other Cucuys, and Kid Cyclone Fights the Devil and Other Stories, as well as several picture books of individual tales of terror.

For several years running, Maverick Theater in Fullerton has mounted an original, live version of the cult film, Night of the Living Dead, that’s both technically impressive and theatrically spectacular.

It boasts all the trappings of a classic Gothic horror story, remi­nis­cent in places of the spousal secrets in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Young Goodman Brown, the thrills of Rosemary’s Baby and the psychological frights of Daphne du Maurier. Catch this book review of The Night Strangers by Chris Bohjalian

“The book’s been called ‘horror noir’ by a lot of folks, and that’s about the best description I can think of. It’s hopefully terrifying to read, but it’s horror that comes from a visceral, real place, rather than from monsters or jump scares or any of that.” Read this interview with writer Joshua Hale Fialkov (Echoes, Tumor) about the re-launch of I Vampire by DC Comics, how the title differs from popular modern day vampire fiction (Twilight, True Blood) and why he’s still committed to doing creator owned work, despite being recruited to write for the “Big Two.”

The book The Exorcist, famously made into a movie in 1973, came out 40 years ago. To celebrate this anniversary, the author William Peter Blatty, now 83 years old, has returned to his original work and made various changes for a new special edition (Harper, $25.99 hardcover, $9.99 e-book). The changes include edits to the dialogue and an entirely new scene.

In the opening scene of Abarat: Absolute Midnight, the third installment in Clive Barker’s lavish fantasy adventure series, a blind man is alone in his island home, intuiting the messages transmitted by tarot cards. The cards foretell that a war is coming, one that will remake the land — an archipelago of 25 islands, each of which stands at a given hour of the day and one mysterious island that represents “time out of time.”

The Basque city of Donostia-San Sebastian holds the 22nd edition of Horror and Fantasy Film Festival from October 29th to November 4th. The festival will kick off with the film Troll Hunter included in the Official Feature Film Section.

Horror Made Delightful: The Strange Stories of Sheridan Le Fanu, M.R. James, and Robert Aickman

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