Jay Kramer, who had been King’s attorney for more than 30 years, filed suit in New York’s Supreme Court against the author’s agents, Arthur B. Greene and Susan Greene of the Arthur B. Greene Literary Agency, claiming that they convinced King to can him, and have withheld his commission on projects related to King’s work. Stephen King’s Ex-Lawyer Sues for Breach of Contract

Hot off an $18 million opening-weekend gross of Sinister that was six times its $3 million budget, Jason Blum‘s Blumhouse has teamed with Sinister director and co-writer Scott Derrickson on a screen adaptation of the Stephen King novella Breathing Method.

TNT has put in development Frankenstein, a drama series from Lionsgate Television and 1019 Entertainment based on the five Frankenstein novels by Dean Koontz, which have sold more than 20 million copies.

A symphony of cinematic horror slashes its way across the big screen as the FLICKERS: Rhode Island International Film Festival unspools its 13th annual R.I. International Horror Film Festival, Oct. 25 – 28. In addition to its traditional spooky film fare, this year’s festival includes a return of its popular H.P. Lovecraft Walking Tour presented in collaboration with the R.I. Historical Society, a Date-Night of Horror with an exclusive screening of The Barrens starring Stephen Moyers True Blood and a forum that looks behind the scenes of making horror films in the Ocean State featuring Steven Feinberg, executive director of the RI Film and television office. Festival unleashes a cinematic symphony of horror from across the globe

Horror-master Stephen King made a surprise, pre-Halloween visit to a Canadian high school, shocking some of the students when he turned up. King, who lives in Maine, spoke Friday to students at the high school in Sussex, New Brunswick, following a year-long campaign to get the author to visit the school by Halloween 2012, according to the Bangor Daily News. Horror author King shocks Canadian students

Good horror comedies are hard to find, though, so Wired went straight to the source this Halloween season: We asked the experts at horror magazine Fangoria to give us the best side-splitters they could think of. Die Laughing: The 10 Best Horror Comedies of All Time

After five years of work Douglas Wynne earned the equivalent of a writer’s “overnight success,” his first attempt at penning a book was published. The Devil of Echo Lake arrived in paperback last week, along with a 100-piece, limited-edition hardcover. The Devil of Echo Lake is “a rock ‘n’ roll ghost story,” says Wynne. “It does take a supernatural turn, a horror story. But it says something about the music business and the sacrifice people will make for fortune and fame.”

Dolls hold a fascination for us, symbols both of innocence and corruption, death-like miniature people, as likely to inspire revulsion as love. The title of Susan Hill’s short novel, Dolly, clearly signals horror, and the path of this deceptively familiar narrative is littered with landmarks of the ghost story. Dolly by Susan Hill – review

We know that studios play fast and loose with history, with biography and with appearances. So when something is billed as “true” or, more ambiguously, “inspired by” a true story, should we believe them? And is there any legal basis upon which such truths can be vouched for? Based on a true story is the most overused tagline in cinema at the moment, but can we really believe it?

Fredericton-based former Manitoban Cory Redekop takes a twist on the zombie craze with his second novel and first stab at splatterpunk, a gorified version of horror fiction. Fans of transgressive U.S. writer Chuck Palahniuk or Jerry Stahl’s gonzo novel Painkillers – which theorizes that Nazi physician Josef Mengele is alive and living in San Quentin State Prison – will appreciate Redekop’s dark humor and the wild twists and turns Husk takes. Zombie tale infused with… detail

When a horror movie is stitched together from other horror movies, that’s usually, in my book, a point against it. But Sinister, a mash-up of half a dozen other films, not only contains a few honestly terrifying jolts, it’s also the rare horror movie that’s just ingenious enough about everything it borrows to make its second-hand quality kind of fun. EW Movie Review: Sinister

From the writing team that brought us Littleman (2006) and White Chicks (2002) comes the upcoming film A Haunted House, the latest spoof film to skewer modern horror movie tropes. Today saw its first official trailer hit the web. Marlon Wayans’ first A Haunted House trailer spoofs found-footage horror films

In 1816 Mary Shelly, Percy, Lord Byron and John Polidori were spending time on the shores of Lake Geneva, one cold and stormy night, as the story goes, and they decided to have a competition to see who could write the best horror story. Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus was Mary Shelly’s submission, and we have the idea of Frankenstein. ‘It’s alive…’ if the writer gives it life

Autumn: Horror in the East will be welcoming fans from across the country to the Aspire Centre at Denes High School in Yarmouth Road, where 13 authors will be giving talks and readings from their work. The event, on Friday, November 2 and Saturday, November 3, will include appearances by some well-established names from the horror fiction scene including Adam Baker, Jaspre Bark and Joseph D’Lacey who will be launching his new collection of short stories entitled Splinters. Horror authors heading to Lowestoft

No, The Blair Witch Project didn’t need a sequel, and no, Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 is not the sequel that modern horror classic from 1999 deserved. But, love it – and some do really enjoy this film – or hate it, Blair Witch 2 was a controversial sequel to a film that already sparked enough controversy on its own. 28 Things We Learned From the ‘Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2? Commentary

Everyone likes a good scare for Halloween, but more importantly, it is a good time for friends and family to create their own fun. There are several great horror-themed board games out there that are filled with thrills and chills. More importantly, these games provide safe, good times during the Halloween season. 5 great horror-themed board games for Halloween

Scary stories, roller coasters, haunted houses, horror movies, hide-and-seek and tag games – why do people like to be scared? Is it the thrill or adrenaline rush of increased heartbeat, goose pimples, and hair standing on end? Is it preparation for real dangers lurking behind every corner in one’s real world? Whatever it is, Layland Museum in Cleburne invites everyone to an evening of classic scary tales [or excerpts thereof] on Thursday, Oct. 25, from 7-8:15 p.m. in the Gillespie Research Library of the Smith History Center, right behind the Museum.

Forget about the superhero costumes and candy sales. Halloween is supposed to be about getting scared! True, grade schoolers won’t be checking out the latest horror movies at the local multiplex. But several new picture books provide plenty of chills without risking any real nightmares. New books offer spooky treats for Halloween

George Romero writing ‘secret’ zombie comic for Marvel

Timothy Baker, will be offering and signing copies of the book, Fading Light: An Anthology of the Monstrous, which contains his first published short story, “The Long Death of Day,” at the Book Depot in Lamar during Moonlight Madness from 5 to 8 p.m. on Oct. 25, 2012.

Have you ever written a scary story? In honor of the Halloween season, we are interviewing horror writers to learn about the craft of scaring readers. Recently, we spoke with author Jonathan Maberry: ‘Get your butt in a chair & write.’

David Lindsay-Abaire Confirmed to Write Sam Raimi’s Poltergeist Remake

One of the classic monsters is set to receive a big screen revival and we now have news of who will be writing the reboot. THR is saying that revered Horror scribe Dave Kajganich has signed on to suck viewers into the complex and heartbreaking world of the Black Lagoon. From The Murky Depths, A Writer For The Creature From The Black Lagoon Remake Emerges

The market for horror comics right now is brutally competitive. With books like Locke and Key, Green Wake, and Rebel Blood reinventing what can be done with a genre, competition is fierce. The Evil Tree, being an independent horror comic published by a small press, faces some challenges when stacked up against titles from Image Comics and IDW Publishing. Comic Review: The Evil Tree

Like its predecessor, The Mall (Corvus, 2011), S.L. Grey’s The Ward is a juicy human horror. The Ward is set in a public hospital known as New Hope, a setting many South Africans might find uncomfortably real. It is a place of misery and apathy, where patients would rather take their chances with their injuries than risk entering. New Hope is so horrible, that one of the characters doesn’t realize at first that he’s left the real world and entered the Downside. Book review – The Ward

We are looking for submissions for Horrific History, a themed horror anthology, for POD paperback and eBook publication. We are looking for tales that show us the true horrific story behind historical events. Zombies in the Civil War, vampires in Renaissance Italy, shapeshifters in the ancient Far East, aliens, demons, and spirits throughout history. Call for Submissions for Horrific History, a themed horror anthology

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