F. Say’s Nine Lives has been out for a few months from Eloquent Books now and maybe it’s time to discover it. Nine Lives is a mystery-thriller that involves the supernatural. Otherworldly happenings, restless spirits and the occult are all part of this story.

Description: The lack of faith Sam carried with him for years had never given him reason to pause, until tragedy on a rain-slick road rearranged his life, and his son’s permanently. As Sam drudges through life as a widower and single parent, concepts begin to form that lead him to believe that the tragedy of a few months prior may not have been an accident, but instead a design of fate he had somehow evaded. As everyday life revolves around him, Sam begins to experience ominous happenings pointing to the reality of what might have been … his own death. Eventually, Sam’s lack of faith is exchanged for fear as he concludes that it is not his life that is in jeopardy, but quite possibly his soul. With guidance from a close friend of the family, Sam journeys south to a city known for its passion for the supernatural and occult. There he finds a more menacing presence that throws his being into chaos and threatens the very lives of the people around him.

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