Spring has sprung, and Issue #149 of The Gila Queen’s Guide to Markets has just been released. This issue includes science fiction, fantasy and horror markets, plus anthologies and contests. You’ll also discover an article by JG Faherty, “What Does Your Editor Know That You Don’t?” as well as the usual departments and columns. Issue #150 will be out in mid-May, and will be a special edition in celebration of the publication of 150 issues (20 years).

The Gila Queen’s Guide to Markets is published electronically. Subscriptions are $20.00 for 20 issues. To subscribe, send a letter including your name and email address – along with a check or money order (in U.S. funds, and made out to Kathryn Ptacek) to: Gila Queen’s Guide To Markets, P. O. Box 97, Newton, NJ 07860-0097

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