Camelot Books has released a limited, 500 signed and numbered hardcover edition of The Disappeared and Other Stories by Ray Garton. Garton has written a number of legendarily collectible novellas, including Crawlers, Graven Image, the vampire tale Melora, and Windows. Copies of these can set a reader back hundreds of dollars. Now, for the first time, they’re all gathered in one volume with a brand new short novel, The Disappeared, featuring a full color dust jacket by GAK, and well over two dozen black-and-white interior illustrations by Glen Chadbourne.

Here’s a bit about the title short novel:

Craig Penner’s wife Lainie has disappeared.

Although she is thought to have been kidnapped, a surveillance video reveals that she simply…disappeared….into thin air.

After joining a support group for people whose loved ones have vanished, Craig learns that Lainie is not the only one. Others have disappeared too, not only from the lives of their families, and friends….but from this world.

Determined to find her, Craig discovers that no one is safe. And when he follows Lainie out of this world, he discovers a place that makes his worst nightmares seem tame…and death a thing to hope for.

Table of Contents:

  • Crawlers
  • Graven Image
  • Melora
  • Windows
  • The Disappeared

This 428 page collection is available for only $50. You can purchase directly from the publisher here: The Disappeared

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