Master Of The Moors by Kealan Patrick Burke. Sixteen-year-old Jane Mansfield and her blind brother Neil live in a manor on the edge of the Brent Prior moors. It is a dreary place populated by the dispirited and the disillusioned, where the young nurture desperate dreams of escape. And Jane is no different. But her plans to run away to the city are crushed one very ordinary morning when the quiet in Brent Prior is shattered by an inexplicable act of violence. In the wake of the tragedy, Jane’s beloved father is stricken by a strange illness, and she and her brother fall under the care of the manor’s caretaker and maid. Then, as if attuned to the melancholy that has stricken Mansfield House, a fog rolls in. Villagers begin to vanish. Lithe fleeting shadows are glimpsed in the mist, and a disfigured man arrives in Brent Prior.

Publisher: Necessary Evil Press
Edition: Limited Edition Hardcover
Pub. Date: Fall 2008
Print Run: 450
Cover Artist: Steven Gilberts
Price: $42.95

Different Seasons by Trever Palmer. Such a perfect place to live. The residents of the idyllic little mountain town of Pikes Field, Kentucky love their church bingo and fear the hand of God. Everyone knows everyone, and serious crimes are unheard of. By the light of the first full moon, the terror begins. January – The first victim is a young man working his way through college. The last bits of his corpse are surrounded by wolf tracks. February – A rejected woman reaches her final orgasm with the help of a creature that God didn’t spawn. Now, as each full moon rises, so does the body count. A killer stalks the once-safe streets of Pike’s Field, and it’s up to the local sheriff to stop him. This is the first release from the new novella line by Sideshow Press.

Publisher: Sideshow Press
Pub. Date: October 2008
Page Count: 115
Cover Artist: Tom Moran
Price: $39.00

Gypsy Blood by Steve Vernon. Carnival is a Gypsy. His poppa calls him poshrat. That’s Rom for half-blood. Carnival never listened to his poppa when he was alive but these days he doesn’t have much of a choice. Serves him right for caging Poppa’s soul so close to his heart but that’s Carnival for you – a real spontaneous kind of guy. Like when he gives that succubus a permanent case of lockjaw. Or when he invites a fully grown blood demon into a bathtub for a little game of scrub-a-dub. But falling in love with a vampire? Maybe Carnival has gone too far. A fast paced, dark, funny and terrifying novel.

Publisher: Five Star
Edition: First Edition Hardcover
Pub. Date: October 2008
Page Count: 379
Cover Artist: Alan M. Clark
Price: $25.95

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