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Home Movie

Description: To outward appearances, the Poes are the all-American family. Dad David (Adrian Pasdar, Heroes) is a minister in their idyllic upstate New York town, mom Clare (Cady McClain, As the World Turns, All My Children) is a psychologist, and 10-year-old twins Emily and Jack (Amber Joy Williams, Austin Williams) seem to be the perfect little children. That is, when they’re not stapling frogs to trees.

Christopher Denham, who stars in Martin Scorsese’s upcoming horror epic Shutter Island, makes his debut as writer-director with Home Movie. With a nod to the modern classic The Blair Witch Project, Denham blends gripping drama with “real” found video footage in telling his story of depravity and death. This critically acclaimed and ferociously disturbing film rips away the Norman Rockwell facade to reveal the dark side of the modern American family.

DVD/Single, out on December 8th, $19.98

Home Movie Trailer:

The Skeptic

Timothy Daly, of Private Practice and the classic Wings, stars in The Skeptic as Bryan Becket, a stubbornly rational lawyer and control freak who is about to have his disbelief in the paranormal challenged big-time. Bryan’s elderly aunt has died mysteriously and he goes to stay in her big, creepy Victorian mansion while he contests her will, which has bequeathed the house, not to him, but to an institute that studies paranormal phenomena. After witnessing some increasingly unsettling, frightening and violent occurrences while staying in the old house, Bryan pays a call on the institute, hoping to learn more about the mansion and his aunt’s reasons for suspecting paranormal activity. While there, he meets a strange but sexy psychic (Zoe Saldana), who agrees to come to the house and investigate the supernatural goings-on.

In the course of his stay at the house, Bryan also begins to get the odd feeling that he himself has some personal, deeply hidden connection to the building’s past. For this skeptic, the horrifying truth behind some secrets may be waiting behind the door down a dark hallway of the soul.

DVD/Single, out December 8th, $19.98

The Skeptic trailer:

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