Two new titles are coming up for release from Blood Books on September 4th: Read By Dawn 2, edited by Adèle Hartley, and Classic Tales of Horror 2.

With Read By Dawn 2, Adèle Hartley has provided another creepy collection of new international horror fiction. Over 400 entries for this volume were received following the international call for entries. The 26 authors in Read By Dawn 2 come from England, Scotland, Ireland, USA, Canada and Finland.

Alongside this, Classic Tales of Horror 2 is a collection of interesting and varied stories by some of the original Gothic writers of the genre, from LeFanu to Shelley and Stoker. This gives new and serving readers of horror fiction the chance to compare the new and the old against each other and to judge who is the most horrific and terrifying.

Adèle Hartley founded the International Horror Film Festival, Dead by Dawn, 13 years ago and she is currently the Festival’s Director. This is her second collection of horror short stories. Her first novel, Redress, a psychologial thriller, is published this autumn by Burning House Books.

Horror fiction is once more a vibrant UK bookstore genre, and both these volumes in different ways highlight the best in the tradition.

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