Some fiction may be more real than the author would like you to believe. Chris Duryea’s mind twisting novel, The Object of Evil, may be more real than he would admit. The reader is left with the question, Is evil an entity, or is evil a state of mind?

Description: An unrelenting, tyrannical and immoral boss drives Daryl, a 40 year old company Vice President, to the brink of insanity. At the suggestion of a friend, Daryl unwittingly summons evil accomplices to avenge the oppression.

In an open-air marketplace in Mexico, a masterfully crafted object of Evil encounters Daryl, making him its protégé. As Evil begins to take control, Daryl discovers he is being framed for larceny and fraud by a mentally deranged employee and the CEO, Simon Snath, who are complicit in the crimes. Daryl’s developing desire for vindication becomes an obsession and he masterfully devises a clandestine scheme of revenge that is so quiescently outrageous, it is satanic.

Stopping at nothing to eradicate Simon Snath, Daryl finds himself in the midst of evil personae creating and crafting evil effects as needed, including the twisting of Daryl’s own psyche. In so doing, the Evil participating with Daryl drives him to destroy the quintessence of innocence and beauty. With the renowned Hotel Del Coronado as a backdrop, the famed ghost of the hotel, Kate Morgan, is destined to repeat her tragedy.

A cast of evil personae appears again and again, in different roles throughout, skillfully directing Daryl in his evil pursuits. Simon Snath finds himself blamed as the perpetrator of crimes and the victim of Evil. Through gruesome accidents, like a conflagration, Evil exacts its revenge. In Daryl’s sickened state of mind, lives an evil entity.

Paperback Edition: $23.99
Kindle Edition: $9.99

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