Cemetery Dance has announced three brand new books by Brian Keene, one of the most collectible young authors in the genre today! Brian Keene’s previous Cemetery Dance book, Shades, proved to be extremely popular with the collectors, who saw copies selling for over $100 on the second-hand market within days of publication.

As Brian wrote this morning: “Cemetery Dance has been a part of my life for over twenty years, and they are the Holy Grail for anyone working in this genre. I was a fan of theirs long before I ever began writing professionally, and I am honored to be working with them now. I’m very excited about these up-coming projects. I think they will appeal not only to my readers, but to CD’s broader customer-base, as well.”

The Cage (Cemetery Dance Novella Series): For the employees of Big Bill’s Home Electronics, it’s just the end of another workday—until a gunman bursts into the stores and begins shooting. Now, with some of their co-workers dead, the hostages are being slaughtered one-by-one, and if they want to survive the night, they’ll have to escape … The Cage.

Scratch (Cemetery Dance Signature Series): April showers bring May flowers. But as the rain-swollen creeks recede, the residents of one rural town learn that April showers also bring something far worse than destructive floods and property damage. This year, the April showers have brought a cryptozoological nightmare… Scratch.

Kill Whitey (An Original Novel): a novel of dark crime and the supernatural, in the tradition of Terminal … Larry Gibson longed for something different from his days as a dock worker and his lonely nights spent drinking with his friends. When Larry meets Sondra Belov, a beautiful exotic dancer, he finally gets some excitement in his life — too much excitement. Now, Larry’s friends are dying and he’s on the run from the cops, the Russian mob, and a seemingly invincible madman. And if Larry wants to live another day, he’ll have to figure out a way to kill Whitey … how can you kill someone who cannot die?

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