On August 10th, Borderlands Press will be shipping some great new titles.

5 Stories by Peter Straub is a collection of tales by the horror genre’s most literate and endlessly inventive writers. “Little Red’s Tango” incorporates a vampire story, miracle legends, a saint’s legend, an epistle, beatitudes, and jazz minutiae within a contemporary faux-gospel. “Lapland, or Film Noir” is a journey to place of the dark, paranoid crime movies made in Los Angeles between 1948 and 1956, which Straub calls “one of the most compelling periods in American film history.” “The Geezers” is a fascinating exercise in withholding everything that might explain what the protagonists and their friends were up to, and describing instead their reactions to the consequences of the unstated actions. It is Straub at his best. “Donald Duck” is a surreal study of how a family can be changed irrevocably by the decisions of one reckless member. The final tale, “Mr. Aickman’s Air Rifle” reveals itself in clever homage as Straub deliberately assumes the mantle of “a great and respected elder, with felonious intentions.” This is the first time these stories have been collected, and represent a welcome addition to the Straub’s body of work. Signed, numbered, limited (350 copies): $40. Lettered edition (26 copies): $200

Black Wind by F. Paul Wilson: after finishing the first three novels of what would become the Adversary Cycle, F. Paul Wilson began work on Black Wind, the longest, most intricately plotted and intensely researched novel of his career. To his dismay, Black Wind came to be known as his “lost novel.” Wilson has never feared mixing genres, but with Black Wind, perhaps he went too far. No one knew how to position a novel that was at once a historical family saga spanning the Roaring Twenties to the final days of World War Two, and yet a conspiracy thriller as well, involving alternate history, cultural fanaticism, and wrenchingly dark supernatural horror. Though considered by Wilson to be his best novel, Black Wind has been out of print for more than a decade. It is big, 500-page classic that Borderlands is proud to be publishing in special, definitive edition. Signed, numbered, limited (350 copies): $100. Lettered edition (26 copies): $350

Dark Voices: Volume 6, The Final Verse by Chet Williamson is the next audio/chapbook in the continuing series of writers reading their own work. If you have been collecting the earlier volumes of this series, you simply cannot miss out on Chet Williamson’s masterful performance of a brand new original story about an ill-advised search for the missing lines of a song, whose origins and secrets lay hidden in the hills of Appalachia. Chet’s reading and music will blow you away—plain and simple. The Final Verse is an award-winning performance. Chapbook and CD: $25.00

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