A new blog, Sirius: The Screenplay launched on January 29, 2007, opening up a unique forum for science fiction fans, writers, and others to follow the progress of the making of a screenplay. Visitors can follow screenwriter Marc Librescu’s progress on the movie adaptation of Olaf Stapledon’s novel, Sirius, and due to the interactive nature of the blog will have a chance for direct input into the content of the script.

The screenplay is an adaptation of the novel Sirius by Olaf Stapledon, author of Odd John and Star Maker. Originally published in 1944, Sirius tells the story of the creation of a dog with human intelligence.

The blog documents the process of adapting the novel, from purchasing the option on the book to writing the screenplay, and ending with the potential sale of the completed script to Hollywood. Visitors to the blog can follow the screenwriting process and submit posts to share their solutions to daunting writing challenges. “This is a unique opportunity to follow the making of a screenplay as it’s being written,” said screenwriter Marc Librescu. “I’m hoping that people will come to the site, read the book, and enter into a dialog about the script.”

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