Each month, The Big Thrill, the newsletter and ezine of the International Thriller Writers,features dozens of original interviews with ITW members discussing their new releases. The new Big Thrill website includes all this, and more.

You’ll find a collection of video trailers. And whether you’re a fan or an author, you’ll want to join the Thriller Roundtable discussions, where each week a new group of authors discuss what inspires them, who their favorite hero characters are, what advice they’d offer the next generation of thriller authors, and more.

Week of November 1-7: What is the primary job of a thriller?

What’s the primary job of a thriller? Is it to provide entertainment and escapism, or is it something more? Post your thoughts in the comment trail, and join ITW members Linda Fairstein, Carla Neggers, Keith Raffel, Clea Simon, JT Ellison, Brett King, Chris Kuzneski, Andrew Peterson, Jonathan Maberry, Andrew Gross, Robert Dugoni and Mary Kennedy for this week’s Thriller Roundtable discussion!

Coming the week of November 8-14: Why do you read/write thrillers?
Why do you enjoy reading and writing thrillers? Is it the pace? The adrenaline rush? The gut-twisting danger? Join authors Jeff Sherratt, Joe Moore, Carla Buckley, Lorenzo Carcaterra, Mark Terry, Janice Bashman, Todd Ritter, and Caridad Pineiro for another thrilling Roundtable discussion!

It’s all free. Check it out: The Big Thrill

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