Bad Moon Books has two new titles available for pre-order. The first is Necropolis by John Urbancik. Description: In the great city of the dead, night brings life to the gravesides. Spirits rise as the sun falls. Love is tested. Mysteries are presented. Strangers drift through the stones. Queens. Spiders. Goddesses. Death. In the great city of the dead, a dollar coin might buy your dearest wish. A photographer might capture her own heart. A breeze might reveal a raven. Listen to the sounds of the flute, listen to the soundless fireflies, listen to the ravensong. It’s not only ghosts that wander the Necropolis.

Limited to 150 signed and numbered, perfect bound paperbacks ($17.95) and 26 lettered HC’S.

The second is Bridget Morrow’s The Better Year. Description: A woman fights the fear of cancer, her childhood, and something much darker. A haunting tale of troubled youth, love gone bad, and demons both real and perceived.

Limited to 100 Ssigned and numbered, perfect bound paperbacks ($15).

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