Necessary EvilTina Starr has published the digital edition of her short story collection, Necessary Evil: A Collection of Horror Stories.

Description: Necessary Evil contains the terrifying “Oded the Merciless” (previously published in audio format at Pseudopod) and more dark fiction. Six horror stories, 22,000 words total:

  • Oded the Merciless – A relentless computer AI on a spaceship torments a woman to discover the nature of the human condition.
  • To Feed the Hungry – A lesson in be careful what you wish for.
  • Nature Boy – An angry young man is offered his heart’s desire, but only if he can believe in magic.
  • Cold Comfort – An elderly woman is hiding something far worse than her menagerie of cats.
  • Red Tide – Bad things happen when a vampire bites a dolphin.
  • Necessary Evil – A real estate agent on Mars struggles with an ethical quandary when she tries to sell a house.

You can pick up a Kindle edition for only $.99 here: Necessary Evil

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