Innsmouth Free Press is currently running an interview with Canada’s reigning vampire queen, Nancy Kilpatrick.

Kilpatrick has written and edited numerous horror books, sometimes mixing it up with a bit of eroticism. Last year, she co-edited Tesseracts Thirteen: Chilling Tales of the Great White North with David Morrell. This year, she has unleashed Evolve: Vampire Stories of the New Undead.

Asked about Evolve, Kilpatrick says, “Vampires have evolved over time since they first appeared in folklore and mythology, then through the various centuries of literature. Dracula and Carmilla are definitely old school, way old. We don’t have counts and countesses anymore (well, they do in some countries but not North America). Different decades have produced undead that fit into the mores of the times in which they were/are penned. What we see now is the romantic/erotic vampire wanting a relationship with a human. That didn’t happen in Dracula and Carmilla. Both of those characters played at or pretended to be interested in the human but really it was as prey. Today’s vampire is really interested in a relationship and that’s very different.”

You can catch the complete interview here: Kilpatrick On Innsmouth

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