Highland Myst Entertainment has announced the launch of Mystic Pictures, a distribution label for DVD, VOD, cable and other media outlets. Built on the philosophy that great movies are made through great stories and effective visual techniques, Mystic Pictures’ releases will include artsy and edgy independent cinema primarily in the thriller and horror genres.

Rolling out in 2010, Mystic Pictures has already acquired three titles for release. The first title – releasing on Feb. 2 – will be The Good Sisters. Starring Debbie Rochon (American Nightmare) and April Monique Burril (Chainsaw Sally), this sexy thriller follows two sisters of an ancient, magical bloodline that are forced into a fight of good vs. evil by a man who leads a life shrouded in mystery.

Mystic Pictures next two releases will include Radiant and The Fragility of Seconds. Directed by Steve Mahone and an official selection at Cinevegas, Radiant is the story of four people haunted by unexplainable ailments that are exposed to an experimental, viral therapy. Rather than surrender themselves to a government quarantine, they flee into the surrounding desert, choosing to let the untested virus run its course inside them. And The Fragility of Seconds stars Julio Cedillo (The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada), Matthew Tompkins (Killing Down) and Chuck Huber (popular anime voice actor) as three men whose lives collide in Ojinaga, Mexico when a young woman falls victim to the Juarez Killer; a single horrific event that shatters everything they have ever believed in.

Mystic Pictures is run by Brandon Baker and Jon Keeyes; each with over ten years experience in the Entertainment Industry. Brandon has produced more than a dozen films, as well as personally having represented over thirty films for worldwide acquisition. Jon has worked on six feature films as a director, three films as a screenwriter, and nine films as a producer.

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