Stephen King and Cemetery Dance have made an arrangement with Scribner to make available a less expensive hardcover edition of Blockade Billy, with an on-sale date of May 25th, the same date the audiobook goes on sale. The Scribner edition will be available in all U.S. retail outlets. Both the Scribner book and the Simon & Schuster audiobook will feature a bonus short story. In the meantime, an eBook edition of Blockade Billy should go on sale through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Sony on April 20th.

Richard Chizmar of Cemetery Dance says, “If you had told me we would end up selling all 10,000 first edition trade copies to individual readers (which is exactly what will happen in the next couple weeks), I would have sworn up and down that you were crazy.

“If you had told me Stephen would graciously allow us to reprint another 10,000 copies of the trade edition and all of them would be swallowed up by just libraries (that’s right, not a single retail account in the bunch), I would have known that you were crazy.

“And, finally … if you had told me that retail demand – make that retail frenzy – for our secret, little Stephen King baseball project (which was always meant to have a very limited printing) would lead to Steve and Cemetery Dance working out a deal with Scribner to make Blockade Billy available to all his Constant Readers, I would have asked what planet you were living on … which, incidentally, is exactly what the head buyer at one of the country’s biggest booksellers asked Cemetery Dance Marketing Director Brian Freeman when he explained to them that they would not be receiving any copies of our edition of the book!

“But Blockade Billy really did take the world by storm, blowing away the expectations of everyone involved – and we’re very proud of the role we’ve played in bringing Stephen King’s first baseball story to readers. In just one week our World’s First Edition/First Printing will begin shipping … and that’s only the beginning. Who knows what kind of news our secret, little Stephen King baseball project is going to generate next.”

You can still pre-order a copy through Cemetery Dance here: Blockade Billy

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