Monstermatt’s Bad Monster Jokes Volume 1 is set for release late this month, just in time for ZomBcon in Seattle, and other horror functions. It will be include over a hundred pages with 400+ badjokes, rancid rhymes, putrid puns, sophomoric song parodies, and more.

“I started writing these because I have a love of the old Famous Monsters Magazine and Mad Magazine,” says Monstermatt Patterson. “I thought that the horror genre was losing it’s ability to poke fun at itself. There are so many wonderful films, characters, and so on, that you can do that with and still have those subjects retain their dignity and impact. I particularly love deconstructing character names, titles or idioms, and replacing them in a much different way. It’s an exercise of the mind, while celebrating our horror heroes.”

Patterson adds that Kyle Kaczmarczyk’s illustrations add a nice visual to some of the gags. “He’s got a great intuition on which gags would really sell with a drawing.”

The book, which will be published by May December Publications and carry a forward by Joe Moe, will be available at the usual retail outlets: Barnes & Noble, Borders, Amazon,and more. Plus, an e-reader version will be released as well. 160 pages. $12.95.

“I found that there is an audience for this, having emceed Buffalo’s Monster Fest July 30th,” Patterson says. “There, I made people laugh, and audibly groan! Perfect! The plan is working!”

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